Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to Problems with Enhanced-News package

Posted by Jerry Asher on
You're touching on a couple of problems. To get the wrapper to work, try the following (note the additional backslash). I haven't tried that myself, but I suspect that will work. (You might want to consider wrapping $code in a catch to ensure you will reach the ns_db releasehandle statement.)
proc_doc db_with_3x_wrapper { code } {
    executes $code in uplevel, after allocating a db handle named $db
} {
    uplevel "
        set db [ns_db gethandle]
        ns_db releasehandle $db
Can you say more about what you mean or what you did when you say that you tried different pools? In my experience, I have found the problem where you are asking for a handle from main when one has already been allocated is usually straightforward to correct, once you understand what the error message is telling you. To understand that, I recommend the URL above, as well as the AOLserver documentation for ns_db: