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Posted by defunct defunct on
I posted on another thread, but thought I'd ask the question again as
its a bit of a prob. for us at the moment.

We've been trying to find a hosting company that will allow us to
install OpenACS4.2 (i.e. AOLServer and Pg), and had very little luck
in the UK... 'no bespoke web servers' is the usual, fairly ignorant,

Of course we could rent an antire machine and solve the problem, but
thats not really suitable for this project... we just need a fairly
modest size, moderate cost hosting for a small site.....

Anyone know of a good one?


Posted by dwayne hinton on
if you look on the bottom of the openacs' home page i think there is a link to a company that hosting this site. it stands to reason, since their link is posted that they are in the business of providing this type of service. sure hope more companies begin to host aol based web services! i'm sure when openacs4 is "production ready" more providers will see how powerful openacs/pg/aolserver toolkit combo is!!
hope this helps u out
Posted by Don Baccus on in Canada hosts OpenACS sites, but they probably haven't hosted OpenACS 4 yet.

I don't know if they're running AOLserver or the mod_aol hack.

Posted by Marc Fournier on hosts all of its clients in a Virtual Machine environment, so we can tailor
the environment to the client, not the client to our environment.

If you want AOLServer w/ OpenACS4, fine ... if you want mod_aol w/ OpenACS3,
fine ... basically, we will do our best to make sure what you need, and what version
you need, is available ...

Posted by Don Baccus on
That's great, Marc ...
Posted by defunct defunct on
Thanks Marc,

Could be just what we're after. Canadian dollar also makes it good financial sense for us... I'll pass this on to my Operations Director and hopefully we'll be in touch soon.

Thanks for your help


Posted by Matt Roberts on is a London/Brighton UK based hosting company that are currently setting up hosting for two PG/openacs sites for me. I would be inclined to talk to the Brighton office and ask for Malcolm

Posted by Andrew Piskorski on
Marc, the "virtual machine" environment under FreeBSD sounds very
interesting, but I couldn't any info on how you folks actually do it.
Could you point us to any more info, so we can better understand it?
Posted by Patrick Giagnocavo on
FreeBSD has the ability to jail processes (chroot on steroids).  That is probably the basis of the virtual machine.
Posted by Roberto Mello on
I was going to reply about the use of AOLserver at, but Marc's response is more trustworthy :-)

I almost got a client I'm working with right now to go with so that I could use OpenACS 4, but as usual, marketing came on the way :-(

Posted by Todd Gillespie on
Has anyone here been exceptionally happy with  It looks very
Posted by Steve Crossan on
Hi Simon,

We've recently managed to persuade Sigmer ( to do Aolserver+Postgres hosting on shared servers. We know them quite well and their pretty flexible. They are based in brighton with servers in Telehouse. Prices start around £40/month. Try, or send me a mail with your requirements & I'll call him up.


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Posted by David Cotter on
To be honest I was not happy with hub so I moved to acornhosting.

If you have a reasonably busy site that requires, say, 1G disk space and 2G bandwidth/month then hub gets expensive. Also there was quite a bit of downtime but I think that was a specific problem which is probably fixed now.

I agree with everyone here that hub are very responsive and helpful.