Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to HowTo on DocBook written...

Posted by Tilmann Singer on

I think jade only deals with sgml conversions using dsssl stylesheets, while your docbook files seem to be xml, for which I think only xsl stylesheets can be used.

Get the docbook-xsl package from here and use an xsl processor that's available on your system, e.g. xsltproc

Converting single files is quite easy:

xsltproc /path/to/docbook-xsl/html/docbook.xsl singlefile.xml > singlefile.html

Dunno how it deals with collections of several docbook documents though.

You can even make aolserver do the conversion, if your ns_xml was compiled with xsl support!

The docbook-primer.html document from aD (in the acs-core-docs package) mentions some customized stylesheets especially for ACS documentation - I wonder if those are available?