Forum OpenACS Development: webmail status/ ns_returnbinary, ns_writebinary

Posted by David Walker on
I've created a module that makes the commands ns_returnbinary and ns_writebinary for AOLServer. It can be downloaded at (Thanks Vinod, I couldn't have accomplished this without your code to learn from)

I've had some success with returning images and binary files out of mime encoded message files using the reformime utility from sqwebmail and the tcl exec command with ns_returnbinary and ns_writebinary. I'm still working on doing the same thing from C. (I'm new to C though. This could take a while)

I think webmail should store messages in the file system but store information about mime sections/ attachments in the database along with the text/plain or text/html section for easy searching.

I'd like to see the system coexist with pop and imap as well and I think the maildir storage method would cover all my requirements.