Forum OpenACS Q&A: OCT Meeting Minutes (11/Mar/2009)

Posted by Michael Cordova on
Present: dhogaza, daveb, vguerra, geoxito, emma_r, mr_calvin, roc, mcordova

1) server(s) and services migration to Vienna
2) extra_args for search TIP
3) OCT mail list and next Election

Web migration is already done. Backup is on its way. CVS, fisheye and translation are the next step.

Dave has the extra_args for search TIP and it should be tested and in CVS by the end of the week.

geoxito and mcordova finally got OCT emails, although their membership expires on March. So new elections should be launched. vguerra will call for nominations at the end of the week.

Tentative agenda for the next meeting:
* Plan for 5.5.0 release.
* i18n of context bar...