Forum OpenACS Development: Rollout support in acs-mail-lite

Hi all,

With the refactoring of acs-mail-lite in previous version of openacs to use smtp:: instead of ns_sendmail, rollout support was not longer complete (only log and default were available). I've finally implemented in acs-mail-lite the four modes that AOLserver used to provide with ns_sendmail:

- default: the email message is sent out using smtp

- log: the email message is written to the log in raw format. Note that if the message has attachments, the message sent to the log will include them.

- redirect: the message will be sent to the addresses set in the parameter EmailRedirectTo of the AOLserver config file.

- filter: the message will be sent if all the addresses (to, cc and bcc) are in the EmailAllow list of the AOLserver config file, if any of the recipients is not in that list then the email message will be written to the log.

This has been committed to HEAD to be included in the upcoming 5.5.0 release. I've tested but I would appreciate more testing.