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I was wondering if there is any updated documentation on everything related to all these issues better than or , since most of the code referenced there is outdated.

I've been using default permissions for some time now, but if a want to configure things in a different way, I don't know where to start from.

For example:

- What is a rel_segment? And a rel_type?
- How can I define roles other than member and administrator in the user groups?
- How are these things related?

I sometimes come up with situations like this: I want to create a forum for a certain users group, and want to set read/write permission from group members and administration permission for group administrators. This is not possible, though, because these "pseudo-parties" do not appear in the permissions interface; I think the reason is they are not parties (there is not an entry for them in the parties table) but rel_types or some other of this terms I don't understand. Isn't it a common situation? How do you people manage this kind of things?

There's a discussion of role-based access control in and older thread:
Thank you Randy, I'll try to reproduce all the steps next weekend.

There is no web interface to do it, is there? Is there any intention of making it?

In theory, you should be able to do this through the UI. If you figure it out, please share.

If you want read some presentations about this things in spanish, you can do it here.