Forum OpenACS Q&A: What ACES can contribute to ACS 3.5

Posted by Caroline Meeks on
Sorry, I think you are confused about what “ACES” is.  To my mind ACES has two things it can potentially contribute to “ACS 3.5”

1. The code released under ACES contains the following new or improved modules in the form of packages:

Threaded bboard
File storage
News (also released separately)
Calendar (also released separately)

We can debate the modules one by one but I think most people will agree that it is valuable code and should be included in any new version 3 release.  There is probably some work to be done to test that it can run without “education” installed but that was the intention when the work was done.

2. In my opinion, ACES can also contribute the concept of having ACS unpack into a portals based view that immediately shows people windows into the functionality of ACS.  However, I think this might be worth having a poll on.

I don’t think anyone thinks that the next release should unpack into anything that says anything about “classes or terms”. I certainly don’t.

It should be a fairly small amount of work to turn “education” into yet another module that sits there until needed.

We do have some issues to work out between the various forks concerning permissions.  I think the ACES team, Jade, and Malte have all come up with different solutions.  Maybe we can have different permissions options turn off and on by parameters.