Forum OpenACS Q&A: aD Berkeley: Closed for e-business---Auction 11 AM Tomorrow (Nov 13)

Own a piece of Ars Digita--Auction at aD Berkeley tomorrow morning, 11 AM, preview at 9 AM.

Info from the auctioneer can be found here (got it from the guy who posted the newsforge article that someone referenced the other day in another thread on this board).

Inventory includes the Aeron chairs, fish tanks and "Dozens of assorted sized framed photos" so for those of you with an Alex fetish, this might be your chance 😊

List of inventory in Microsoft Word format on the site.

So the Berkeley location of aD is closed for good now?  What about the rest of the company?
who cares? the only thing this community and the company have in common now is the fact that the A in OACS is arsdigitia.

let's please stop feeding the drama by posting worthless soap opera gossip info on the bboards.


Karl Goldstein and at least one other person are still employed in Berkeley (or in the general area, at least).  They've closed the branch office.

Talli - I understand your sentiment but it's a bit like asking people not to watch TV after plane crashes, or not to slow down for automobile accidents.  You're fighting human nature here!

The end of an era.

With PG out of the picture, and the aD website not shouting quite so loudly about OpenSourcing its products, I don't know how long aD and the OACS crew will see eye to eye.

Will OACS 5x continue to trail the aD version, or ......?

tapiwa, you don't come around here too often, do you? :)


We have no plans to deal with ACS 5 (Java) if that's what you're
referring to.  Among other things some of the packages aD will
provide will be closed-source and proprietary.

OpenACS 4 no longer trails ACS 4.2.  Users who have used both tell
me that OpenACS 4 is already more stable and we're already
discussing improving the toolkit significantly.

ad @ la seems to have closed offices as well, although i believe the employees are just working from home... in search of a new office. feeding the gossip mongers.