Forum OpenACS Development: Re: Apache support critical

Posted by Alfred Essa on
A few things about Sakai and OKI. They are finding it a lot harder to deliver than originally envisioned. It's delayed, delayed, delayed, delayed.

MIT was originally planning to transition to Sakai during Fall 2005. At best, MIT will be using a few "tools" from Sakai later this Fall. We are looking at least eighteen months to two years before Sakai will be production quality.

OKI is also up in the air. There is no commitment from MIT that it will be implementing OKI. It's mostly experimental at this stage and being put forward as a specification: whether it becomes a standard remains to be seen.

There is also no agreement yet on how uPortal, Sakai, and OKI will work together. Moreover, Sakai has yet to deliver any real code. What they are calling "Sakai version 1" is recycled code from Michigan as part of the Chef project.

I think it's a waste time to spend our energies worrying about Sakai and OKI right now. When they deliver something, let's take a look.