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Galileo University has just commited (on HEAD) the new funtionality for submit automatically an error into a given instance of the bug-tracker and the functionality of closing bugs automatically after a given number of days.

Basically the automatic report of errors works in this way:

Whenever an error ocurrs, the system automatically sends an email to the system owner warning him with the fact that an error has ocurred.
Then ( if the BugTrackerInstance parameter is setted in the acs-kernel request-procesor seccion ) a new bug is added to the bug-tracker. If the error has already been reported then it just adds comments to the existing bug in the bug tracker ( table bt_auto-bugs was added for mapping the physically path of the file with the error and the bug_id of the bug that references this file: Opinios regarding how to identify if an error has already ocurred or not are welcom :D !!!. ).
If the error has been already reported and its status is closed or resolved then it change its status to OPEN, and then comments are added to the bug.

If the error has not been reported yet then a new bug is submited to the bug-tracker and then an automatic notification is created related to this bug.

A form is showed to the user, inviting him to explain what he was trying to do when the error ocurred. Then again this user's explination is added to the bug as a comment.

Clossing Bugs Automatically:

Now exists a scheduled proc for the bug-tracker that closes bugs that have been "alive" for X number of days (BugTracker Parameter: TimeToLive).

Some changes were made for the default bug_tracker::get_default_configuration in order to have a configuration named Support Center.

Thanks to Jose Pablo Escobedo ( who did almost all the work in this features ) and Rocael Hernandez for the guides and Tips, and all the others how contributted with their ideas.
Take a look here for previus posts regarding this functionality

We hope that this functionality would be useful for you.

All comments and sugestions are welcom!.

Victor Guerra.

Posted by Torben Brosten on
Victor Guerra,

I look forward to trying out this functionality. It seems very useful!

Since some error messages can inadvertently disclose private information, is there a provision to hide error messages from being published?

For example, if kernel parameter PrivacyControlEnabledP is set to 1, will error messages not be published in the bugtracker, and maybe a timestamp put there instead, so admins can find the related error in the logs?