Forum OpenACS Development: Re: Add ad_log_stack_trace to db_transaction errors

Posted by Gustaf Neumann on
i was just asking for clarity. Do we have code-pieces, where transactions fail frequently (not only in error cases)? Maybe it is a good idea to add a switch "-logging severity" (default "error") and use the severity in the ns_log command.

Btw, this could be used nicely together with the ns_log redirector i wrote long ago. The redirector allows to perform arbitrary actions depending on the severity level of ns_log. With the redirector, one can e.g. write e.g. "ns_log error ..." messages additionally into ds_comments, such you do not have to search around in the error log file.

For someone interested, i have just committed the ns_log redirector deactivated to cvs head in xotcl-core.