Forum OpenACS Q&A: How to setup a translation server for ]po[ V3.4?

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We are currently in the process of releasing ]project-open[ V3.4, and this time we would like to include more languages and improve the localization process. So it would be interesting to learn about the OpenACS release best practices.

I've checked past posts about the translation server here on this forum, but the server is down and I couldn't get hold of the "Getting Started" document. So my main question concerning the translation server are:

- Could somebody post the "Getting Started" document somewhere?
- Do we need to make all users "Administrators" to allow them to use the L10n interface, or is it possible to work with permissions?
- Are there any best practices for organizing the L10n process?

On the organizational side will setup a Wiki page for each language (for example:, and we will assign one of our ]project-open[ partners as a "language lead" to coordinate efforts for each language. As a reward we are going to list the partner prominently on the language page with a logo etc. Do you have a better idea for a non-monetary rewards?

Mentioning OpenACS in our Press Releases:

We're going to mention OpenACS in all press releases and articles (except for the very shortest version), so I hope we'll also create a positive PR effect for OpenACS. Do you have any suggestions for us concerning this?