Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to Open ACS handling heavy traffic

Posted by Jerry Asher on
Yes, that was most of my point. Not an OpenACS vs slash or pg vs mysql post, but mainly that at first glance, /. appears to be a site with only moderate demands.  As I said, I suspect the vast majority of the db accesses are reads, not writes, and I doubt they accumulate four new posts each second.  To me, that's a problem domain that should be reasonably well solved with cacheing.

I come not to bury slashdot, but to praise slashdot and learn from slashdot -- I am confident they have better sysadmins and engineers than I, but I am curious what takes this first glance "moderate demand" site and turns it into a site that requires all the hardware that they have thrown at it, and a site that appears firmly mired in one nines reliability :(.

Is it really just that MySQL sucks harder than the vacuum 150 miles above us all?  Does it seem reasonable that a site needs that much hardware for a "mere" 100 requests per second?  What else is going on?  Is it Apache?  Wrong hardware choices?  If my assumptions are wrong, that's cool too.  Tell me where I am off, and I can learn something more about web development.