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Posted by Andrew Piskorski on
Please do not create bogus/broken Oracle upgrade scripts by blindly copying PostgreSQL scripts. Jeff's suggestion makes much more sense.

Also, just how many long-term OpenACS core developers do not have both Oracle and PostgreSQL installed on their development machines? I'm kind of shocked that the number would be much greater than zero.

I've only ever really CVS committed one significant set of changes to OpenACS (the multi-db support), but back then, I most certainly did set up both Oracle and PostgreSQL for my testing, even though I never use PostgreSQL in my own work. Also, I recently installed Oracle (but have not yet published my notes on the process), and frankly, it wasn't bad. Much, much easier than installing 8i.

Doing upgrade scripts for both databases is certainly extra work, so I can understand if/when some developers skip that. But using "I don't have Oracle installed" as an excuse? No way, that doesn't cut it.