Forum OpenACS Q&A: like ns_returnredirect, but doing post?

Hi all!

Is there a function or a way to redirect the user from a page (like
with ns_returnredirect) to other but passing some variables with POST

I know that I can pass variables with ns_returnredirect in a GET
method style:  ns_returnredirect

Thanks for your help!

Posted by David Walker on
My preferred method for this type of action is

if {$form_complete} {
	set pagename page2
} else {
	set pagename page1

switch $pagename {
	page1 {
		source page1.tcl
	page2 {
		source page2.tcl

But this page I want to redirect the user is another web server...
Posted by MaineBob OConnor on

Hi Rocael,

I asked this same question EXACTLY ONE YEAR ago today!
and here is the link:

ns_returnredirect FORM vars vs URL vars