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Posted by Caroline Meeks on
Hi Nima,

Solution Grove signed a contract last week with a high profile customer which included the LORS requirements you are proposing. Ernie working with a team lead by Vivian are working on the project. My contract requires I have written permission before posting the client's name and that is in the works. However, the team is free to discuss the requirements and our technical approach.

This is a summary of our current understanding of the requirments. I am traveling to DC to visit the client tomorrow for more detailed requirements gathering.

1. Ability to upload a course from Blackboard; then combine parts of that course into another course.
a. If you change the underlying resource, the change occurs in all courses that use that resource.
b. Ability to push changes to some courses and not to others (different courses have different revisions)

2. Ability to add a new resource (say a Word document) into a LORS course from the web interface.

3. Timed delivery of material. Publish a new revision of a resource (or an entire section of a course) at a specific date automatically.

4. Expire items: unpublish a resource on a certain date.