Forum OpenACS Development: Accounting package integration with OpenACS (possibility)

Just a note that has released their Postgres-based accounting program, named "Quasar" under a GPL license.

It would thus be possible to have some integration between OpenACS and an organization's accounting program.

Accountants could stay in their nice GUI but reports etc. could be served up via the web.

Hi Patrick,

thanks for the pointer, sounds interesting, I'll check it out. However, it will probably take several months until we'll come up with something useful. We would integrate it with Project/Open (, which is already able to capture costs and invoices related to projects.

Did you check out SQL-Ledger already? It also runs on PostgreSQL, but using a Perl-based web interface.


At least in Germany, LX Office ( is the way to go, due to the fact that it takes into account the German tax and accounting laws. Furthermore it is preintegrated with a CRM system and supports invoicing, facturing, reports and tax statements.