Forum OpenACS Q&A: Project/Open V3.0.beta4 & Windows Installer Released


we've just release the first public beta of Project/Open V3.0. It's available for download at Sourceforge:

This beta fixes some 50 bugs from the first alpha and contains some considerable enhancements, particularly in the financial management module.

There is a tarball with the OpenACS packages, but there is also a Windows installer (based on the fabulous work from Vlassis Rizopoulos) that gets you OpenACS and P/O running in ~12 minutes. You just press "Next" a few times, that's it. However, it's only running on Windows 2000 at the moment (no 98, ME, XP nor 2003 yet).

Please select the "Preconfigure Project/Translation" option if you use the Windows installer, because this "preconfiguration" includes the setup of the "Tigerpond" sample company with loads of sample data that allow you to explore the new modules.

The Windows installer also still contains a lot of DotLrn stuff that came with Vlassis' installer. Is there anybody interested in this? Otherwise I'd remove it from the installer.

Here is our bug tracker in case you should encounter any issue:
However, the core functionality should be pretty OK already, thanks to professional testing support from