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- Installation. Windows is very important. I know
some folks prefer linux over windows. But windows
has a huge market. Noone really questions Oracle
versus Postgres because Oracle has its market.
We should find a way to support windows and linux
without any patches and long installlation procedures.

I've just posted an updated version of "Project/Open" that includes a Windows installer based on the free Inno Setup ( Just press "Next" a few times and you are running OpenACS on a Windows 2000 machine within ~12 minutes. No XP nor 2003 yet, but coming soon.

The P/O installer is based on the free Inno Setup, as oposed to the installer from Vlassis Rizopoulos which is based on the proprietary InstallAnywhere. Both installers include CygWin, together with PostgreSQL 7.4.3 on CygWin. This way, you can distribute everything in a single binary. No need for an extra PostgreSQL 8.0 installation, except that the CygWin version is a bit slower and doesn't support searching (yet). But that are no issues for trying out the software.

Also, our P/O installer still contains an entire DotLrn installation, which came from Vlassis. I haven't tested the DotLrn installation recently, but it should still still ok. I guess it's only a few hours of work to include the latest DotLrn version.

We would be very, very happy to share the installer (and part of the testing work...) with the community. Inno Setup supports preprocessor directives, which could allow us to build installers for both DotLrn and Project/Open from the same source file.

The installer source is included in the ProjectOpen-3.0.beta3.Wininstaller.exe file and will install if you select the "Installer Source Code" option during install.

If you're interested, please contact me (at the other discussion, please) and I'll setup a chat or a Skype online conference for a hands-on session with the installer.


59: Windows installer (response to 54)
Posted by Andrew Piskorski on
Incidentally, Frank's OpenACS and Project/Open installer for Windows sounds like exactly the right approach to me, for Windows - just not for Linux.

A clone of that same installer for Linux might be useful, and might be better than nothing, but seems clearly inferior to leveraging the fabulous stock support provided by all the modern Linux package management systems and tools (rpm, deb, apt-get, and yum).