Forum OpenACS Q&A: Boston area OpenACS users' meeting, Friday March 11 at Sloan

Since we've got a bunch of folks coming in for the bug bash, we're going to have a users' meeting at Sloan on Friday, March 11. Details are below.

Important If you're planning to attend could you please post your name below or send me email, so we can get an accurate head count.

The goal is to give folks a chance to talk about the projects they're working on, and how they're using the various modules.

As for the coverage, I sent out a bunch of emails and am still collecting responses. Confirmed presenters include:

Dave Bauer -- Dynamic typing, rapid development tools
Tracy Adams -- Coachville
Carl Blesius -- Assessment/Registration
Andrew Grumet -- RSS in OpenACS

If you're going to be in for the meeting and want to present, or see something presented, post here or send me email. Presentations can be about pretty much anything OpenACS-related and shouldn't be much longer than an hour.

The audience will be other OpenACS developers. I'm wondering if we should start the day with introductory session. It boils down to how many newcomes we'd be able to attract on such short notice.

More information to follow as we get closer to Friday.


MIT Sloan, Building E-52, 6th floor
50 Memorial Drive
Cambridge, Massachusetts 02142


Friday, March 11, 2005
9:00am - 5pm

<table border="0" bgcolor="black" cellpadding="5" cellspacing="1">
<th bgcolor="white">9:00-9:30</th>
<td bgcolor="white">Arrival, mingling, food, welcome</td>
<th bgcolor="white">9:30-10:30</th>
<td bgcolor="white">Dave Bauer: Dynamic Types form and code generation, CR Tcl API if time permits</td>
<th bgcolor="white">10:30-11:30</th>
<td bgcolor="white">Caroline Meeks: Harvard and .lrnocw</td>
<th bgcolor="white">11:30-12:30</th>
<td bgcolor="white">Andrew Grumet and Dave Bauer: RSS</td>
<th bgcolor="white">12:30-1:30</th>
<td bgcolor="white">LUNCH (out)</td>
<th bgcolor="white">1:30-2:15</th>
<td bgcolor="white">Tracy Adams: Coachville</td>
<th bgcolor="white">2:15-3:00</th>
<td bgcolor="white">Carl Blesius: Assessment and User Registration Enhancements</td>
<th bgcolor="white">3:00-3:30</th>
<td bgcolor="white">BREAK</td>
<th bgcolor="white">3:30-4:15</th>
<td bgcolor="white">Michael Steigman - intranet and LDAP integration</td>
<th bgcolor="white">4:15-5:00</th>
<td bgcolor="white">Bart Teeuwisse - binaries/rpm</td>

Any chance the meeting could be broadcasted live?
I wasn't actually planning on presenting anything on the content repository, but I can quickly go through the new Tcl API if anyone is interested.

I will show the new dynamic-types package and the rapid development stuff I built on top of it.

I also would be able to show the work I did with RSS and Search for greenpeace and their cyberactivism toolkit based on Jeff Davis' original work.

could you make that stuff somehow available? Any chance that this get's recorded?

We use camtasia to record what ever the speaker is saying and showing on his computer. Maybe there is something like that for mac or linux.


I'll see what I can do. I am writing plain old documentation to go along with it :) I have found some software that runs on Linux to record the screen, but not audio.
Dave, awesome, that was just a first stab from what I (incorrectly) remembered. I'll refactor the schedule to reflect this. Let's also refactor the RSS piece to include the work you mention. I'm offline this morning but will try to find you on IRC later today.

Nima, I'll look into webcasting, but at a minimum we'll plan to have someone logging the meeting on IRC.

I've updated the inital post, adding a schedule grid. I've laid out three 1 hour slots in the morning and four 45 minute slots in the afternoon. If this presents a problem for anyone's schedule for some reason, just say so and we'll try to move things around.

Now the task is to fill in the grid. If you'd like to present something, please claim a time and either edit the initial post yourself if you have permission, or post or contact me.

Also, I'd like to try get an accurate head count for our gracious hosts at Sloan. If your name *isn't* listed above and you're planning to come, I'd appreciate it if you could either post here or send me email.
Living on the opposite coast I won't be able to physically attend but I'll offer to present the source RPMs of AOLserver et. al. remotely.

How to build binaries of them. What assumptions have been made in the current set of RPMs. How to setup a yum repository of binaries created from the source RPMs. And have a discussion of areas of improvement. How the community can maintain the set. To name a few topics.

Bart, this is cool. Would you mind taking the 11:30-12:30 Slot as this allows me to participate in a "still awake" fashion?
The schedule's full now, see the top post of this thread.

Also, please see this post for more information:

See you tomorrow!

Andrew, the meeting was outstanding -- really great to hear
all the things going on. Thanks very much for setting up the
audio streaming!