Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: Marketing and Advocacy

Posted by Stan Kaufman on
Joel, several of the marketing scenarios I was trying to describe would (maybe) grow the community not directly, but indirectly -- in the sense of "get involved with OpenACS because it's the best toolkit upon which to build your consulting firm" or "get involved because it's the best toolkit with which to build your company's new killer app" or "get involved because OpenACS allows you to come up with a whole new business concept upon which to found a new company".

All I was trying to do was chart out the various notions of "marketing" that seem to have occurred to others (and to me) and explore how they fit with involvement with the technologies and the community. It seems to me that all of these avenues can be compelling for some people/organizations, and thus all represent potential growth areas. Show people how they can be successful with OpenACS, and it's a no-brainer for them to invest their time and effort in the community. I think that is what Robert Taylor is saying here.