Forum OpenACS Q&A: FrontPage (or something) for Kids

Posted by Jerry Asher on
Is there a FrontPage-like program designed for kids (kids under 6?)
to publish their own website?  Payware, Shareware, Open Source,
Linux, Windows, Mac, ...?

FrontPage-like in that it knows how to "publish" to FrontPage
extensions sites, or any site supporting ftp or webdav?

Designed for kids so that maybe it has lots of cute and easy
graphics, or an easy way for kids to scan images, or drop photos from
digital cameras in, or record audio?

Perhaps with a variety of kids-oriented themes including artwork and
a variety of almost prebuilt web pages -- diary/blog, multimedia
gallery, comics, friends, music, schoolwork, brittany, boyzbands,
dewars profile, calendar of events, ...?

Posted by Michael Feldstein on
You might find some useful info on the topic here:

Posted by Dave Bauer on
More links:

Webmonkey for kids:

Surfing the Net with Kids links:

Posted by Scott Mc Williams on
Hey Jerry, I thought FrontPage WAS designed for children! It certainly isn't designed for anyone who wants to make websites!


(sorry...couldn't resist)

Posted by Peter Breugel on
Hi Scott,

don't want to start a Frontpage-isn't-such-bad-thread, but don't you think the ACS/OpenACS-Standard-Toolkit Power Design Layout could be very easily done with it? 😊


Posted by Jerry Asher on
Thanks for the links guys.

Michael your thread was really interesting and there were a few comments devoted to kids publishing -- unfortunately the most appropriate program is targeted to the educational market and a single license is the same price as a 10 pack or $99.00.

At this moment I know of nothing appropriate for the ages I am thinking of, but I am waiting to hear back from a few lists devoted to parenting.  I'll let you folks know more if I find anything more suited to the under 6 crowd.

Posted by Scott Mc Williams on're right! could easily be done with it. Of course FrontPage or DreamWeaver would generate about 100% extra code than what was needed.

Jerry, in all seriousness...I would love to see if you come up with an html tool for 6 year olds. That would be great! I'll keep checking...(or just set an alert, much easier!)


Posted by Jerry Asher on
A year later....  I'm still working on this....  Kids ready for Social Security....

Some notes:

Turns out Composer/Mozilla supports WebDAV and Apache 2.0 supports WebDAV pretty easily (that is, I got it up in about ten minutes when I followed SAMS Teach Yourself Apache 2.0 in 24 hours.)

WebDAV is attractive because I think it is easier to install/maintain than an ftp server, and cause kids can drag/drop to from XP or Mac.  I don't know how secure it will turn out to be, but with Apache it will follow the std. Apache access directives.

Otherwise on irc, I've been pointed to proftpd a supposedly security conscious gpl'd ftp implementation that also has apache like config files.  Security conscious but it still had at least one security hole....

Composer is not kids friendly.  Still looking for kid friendly (drag and drop and more) page creation tools.

Posted by C. R. Oldham on

Just a data point for you:

Windows 98 with Web Folders, Windows 2000 and Windows XP support WebDAV over https.

MacOS X does not support WebDAV over https natively.  You can use Goliath to achieve WebDAV over https on OS 9 and OS X.  It's not the Finder, but it works.