Forum OpenACS Q&A: OO, XOTcl, and the "last 5%" of web apps

Posted by Andrew Piskorski on
Robert, yes, you can use (many of the dozen or so) Tcl OO extensions with AOLserver. XOTcl is probably the most powerful choice, and several folks here have used it with AOLserver and OpenACS - including the XOTcl maintainer, Gustaf Neumann.

So for someone wanting an Object-Oriented language (as opposed to wanting a not-Tcl-language) for use with AOLserver and/or OpenACS, XOTcl is obviously the easier approach. Python or Ruby or whatever would, at best, require additional work integrating the second language interpretor, adding good foreign function call interfaces, etc. etc. Someone might want to do it, but only so that they could program in Python, not just for OO.

As for the "last 5%" of web apps that non-OO tools like Tcl handle poorly, I'm not sure what those are, although I'm somewhat willing to take Jonathan's word for it that they can or do in fact exist. Hm, Jonathan, I see that you were investigating XOTcl back in 2002. Did you try it? How do you like it compared to Python? And how have you seen either one used on that "last 5%"?