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Posted by Neophytos Demetriou on
Jun wrote:
I believe that the problem is that is not package aware. For example file-storage is a CR app and so is CMS. A search on file-storage will yield results from CMS, the same goes with News. Not really sure if this an OpenFTS problem or the service contract may need more parameters.
This is not an OpenFTS problem. The fact that both the CMS package and file-storage use the CR is irrelevant w.r.t the search package. The search package discriminates between items stored in the CR (or anywhere else) based on their object type. So as long as you have different object types you *will* be able to do object-type specific searches (this is just not in the ui yet). The package-specific feature is not yet implemented in the OpenACS search package (so I wouldn't call it a problem). As I have already posted in another thread, I'm gonna enhance the search package during the xmas holidays to include package-specific search functionality. I would like to clarify that there's a difference between object-type specific search and package-specific search. For example, the former shall allow the user to search all news items (from all package instances that create news items) while the latter will enable the user to search all searchable items of a package instance. On a similar track, we should be able to do mime-type-specific search, i.e. search all images (ala google).

Note: I'm out of town for the weekend. I'm gonna be able to give more details when I'm back home. Also, I'm going to post some notes about future work/improvements on OpenACS late December, early January. Best wishes to everyone.