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Posted by Alfred Essa on
Search is an active project co-led by Dirk Gomez and Deirdre Kane. Dave Bauer is also a member of the team. If anyone else is also interested in participating in the Search team, please do so here and you will be added. Please note that the everyone is welcome! You don'thave to be a developer to volunteer.

The project page for search is:

Posted by Jeff Davis on
We have done a bunch of work on search in london (eg. added subsite scoped search which is in openacs now) and fixed a bunch of bugs in the existing indexer so it's more robust. We also added the RSS bit (though not for search results specifically but generation of syndication records when indexing). We are also integrating with external classifiers and external search.

We did the /o/OBJECT_ID interface which is in acs-subsite already (although we use this more for category browsing).

nothing on oracle though and nothing for dotlrn.