Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to setting up my machine to serve pages

Posted by Pavel Boghita on
Thanks Antonio.
I really want to get the pages on my local machine seen outside, when typing the ip address. I think I need to understand how this works, before I can worry about the name translation issue (and yes, I have looked through other threads on this issue... the ones that appear in my searches anyway..😉

Ok, my ip address today is - I am at work away from local machine -  tried to ping it from work, it timed out.
When typing it times out, but the entry transforms itself to Does this mean that the request reaches the server ? Why can't I see anything then in the browser?

my nsd.tcl setting are

set hostname

set address      my ip address

Is there a problem because I use the port 8000?... should I be using port 80?

Also when I have tried nslookup for my hostname it times out, but I guess this could be a different issue than the one that occupies me at the moment... accessing my test page, by typing the ip address.