Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to setting up my machine to serve pages

Posted by Pavel Boghita on
"The requested URL could not be retrieved
while trying to retrieve the URL: "

this is what I am getting on an external machine when putting
http://[my_ip_address]:8000 in the browser. (which means that the
address is resolved ...isn't it?)

(Again all works well in my local machine....connection wise)

I've set up as my hostname+domain name in my
local machine.
Also is pointing to my [ip address] in etc/hosts

Is there some security setting in aolserver that doesn't allow
anyone from outside to see the pages served? My nsd.tcl is exactly
the default one, unmodified following the rpm installation.

I have tried running apache (while stopping aolserver and postgre),
and that works fine on external machines, which leads me to believe
is a aolserver config issue.....pls, help...;)