Forum OpenACS Q&A: User Groups oddities

Posted by David Walker on
I just submitted a patch to pgdriver that should fix some oddities in the way the User Groups admin pages act. If you add a group with an upper case character in the name of it then certain features like "supplemental information" do not act as they are intended to.

ns_column and ns_table need to compare the table name in a case insensitive manner for this to work correctly.
Posted by Don Baccus on
Thanks, I'm surprised no one noticed that before.  Table names in SQL are case insensitive by definition, anyway....
Posted by Stephen . on
Kind of. An unquoted table name is case insesitive. In Oracle it's
stored uppercase, in Postgres lowercase. A "quoted" table name
is stored as entered, so both "Ab" and "aB" can exist. Not that it
makes any difference... (except maybe that table names should be
entered unquoted, if possible).