Forum OpenACS Q&A: migrate openACS instance from one system to another

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I am trying to migrate my production openACS instance to another hardware system. I have following configuration installed:
OpenACS v5.1.5
aolserver 4 release 8
postgresql 7.3.3

I have installed exactly the same system (with these software)& also followed the restore procedure.
I could able to restore the DB dump file successfully.
I have also restored the OpenACS files' (from /var/lib/aolserver/<service0>) to new server.

The problem I am facing is; I get "File not found" error while trying to access any file or subsite or application.

Any ideas how to tackle this?

Thanks in advance

Posted by Brian Fenton on
Hi Ratnakar,

Are there any errors in your AOLserver error log say when it starts up?


Posted by Ratnakar Sagare on
I checked the aolsever log for any errors; but could not found any.
I again reviewed the process I am following, still could not find any wrong doing.
Then I checked the same URL on another client & it worked !!!!

The issue could be of my client's browser cache. Now it is working fine.

Sorry, for the delayed reply.

Thanks Brian for your help.