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3: Response to /monitor.tcl (response to 1)
Posted by David Walker on
I'm testing out the following proc. I put it in my tcl directory and it checks for long running scripts and puts an error about them in the error log. Then emails me the errors.

Does anyone know of a timeout setting in aolserver so my script can't just run forever? Any script of mine running longer than 90 seconds is bad and should be killed.

proc vt_monitor_long_running_scripts {} {
  # check for long running scripts and add an error to the log for each
  set connections [ns_server active]

  foreach connection $connections {
        set conn [lindex $connection 0]
        set client_ip [lindex $connection 1]
        set state [lindex $connection 2]
        set method [lindex $connection 3]
        set url [lindex $connection 4]
        set n_seconds [lindex $connection 5]
        set bytes [lindex $connection 6]

        if {$n_seconds > 90} {
                ns_log error "Conn #: $conn Client IP: $client_ip State: $state
Method: $method URL: $url n seconds: ${n_seconds} bytes: $bytes "


ad_schedule_proc 60 vt_monitor_long_running_scripts