Forum .LRN Q&A: Is there any default firewall?

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Posted by Gonzalo López on
I have my server running but i can only access from localhost.

I checked all the system settings and it is not problem of my computer.

So the question is: is there any default firewall in dotlrn to forbid someone to connect from another computer.

I have to use my computer as a server.

Thanks again

Posted by Emmanuelle Raffenne on
HI Gonzalo,

No, there is no firewall. However if your server listens on localhost ("set address ..." line of your etc/config.tcl), you can access it only from localhost.

Posted by Gonzalo López on
Yes. I set the address as to listen to all interfaces. But it works only some time before the server stops. The message I get from the shell is "Aborted"
Posted by Héctor Romojaro on
Hi Gonzalo,

What's the content of the error.log when the server stops responding?

Posted by Gonzalo López on
Now it seems to work. If it happens again i'll let you know.


Posted by Gonzalo López on
It still happens.

The error.log says:

[13/Xul/2009:11:01:33][4893.3065236368][-conn:2-] Notice: encoding: loaded: iso8859-1
Tcl_SetBooleanObj called with shared object

and in the terminal:

imedir@oz52:~$ sudo /home/dotlrn/dotlrn/etc/daemontools/run
[13/Jul/2009:10:14:07][4893.3083019968][-main-] Notice: nsd.tcl: starting to read config file...
[13/Jul/2009:10:14:07][4893.3083019968][-main-] Notice: nsd.tcl: using threadsafe tcl: 1
[13/Jul/2009:10:14:07][4893.3083019968][-main-] Notice: nsd.tcl: finished reading config file.