Forum OpenACS Q&A: PR: Writing a review about ]po[ V3.4?

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Posted by Frank Bergmann on

We're planning the launch of ]po[ V3.4 for end of September 2009:

For this launch we would like to work with a number of "editors" to write different kinds of review about the new versions. We already have some press contacts and we have received positive feedback from several magazines.

However, we can't write these reviews ourselves. It needs to be some - reasonably - independent editor. Here are a number of possible reviews:

- Hard-core OSS review:
for Freshmeat and SourceForge

- Business Open-Source presenting the new version:
We have contacts with Linux Magazine and German Heise that are interested. Such a review would consist of a brief description of the tool plus a listing of the features in the new version.

- News for the Translation Vertical:
Describe the new features for translation agencies. We've already have this one covered.

- ITSM/ITIL Review:
]po[ V3.4 contains a number of ITSM packages that allow automatizing the (financial) management of IT departments. This stuff is pretty new, so the best thing here is a practical test.

- Project Management Review:
For (IT) Project Management magazines: What are the possibilities to manage projects with V3.4?


You don't need to be a professional write to cover ]po[. We are working together with an editor for linguistic checks plus we could provide you with input.

Please let me know if you're interested.