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I have set up a publically accessible xowiki.

I do not want members of the public to see the weblog page and the xowiki default index page, but I do want them there as useful admin tools. I also have other pages that I want to restrict access to.

As I understand it, permissions can only be set on the xowiki instance which means that I would have to put pages for registered users in a second xowiki instance, and pages for admins in a third xowiki instance.

My question is, how would I set up a weblog and index page in one xowiki instance, that returns information from another xowiki instance.

Wiki 1 - Public
{Weblog deleted}
{Default Index Page deleted}

Wiki 2 - Private
{Weblog for Wiki 1}
{Default Index Page for Wiki 1}
{Weblog for Wiki 2}
{Default Index Page for Wiki 2}

In the docs I can see how to include a page from Wiki 1 in another application and vice-versa, but not how to code a page in one wiki instance to examine the content of another wiki instance.

....or is there a simpler way to achieve the desired result?


Posted by Dave Bauer on
You CAN set permissions per page, they are just objects. What is missing is a user interface. If you are clever you can hack a permissions URL with the object_id like

This should be much easier than trying to run two wikis. Just rename the index page so it doesn't come up as the default URL and create a new public index page.

Posted by Victor Guerra on
Just go to the admin section of you xowiki instance. Then go to the parameters section and search for the security_policy parameter; and use the ::xowiki::policy3 value.

Afterwards you go to /admin/list and you will see that every row gets a lock icon which links to the interface where you can change the permissions on a page basis.

For more info, check

Posted by Dave Bauer on
Thanks Victor. I thought there was a way to do that. I checked but its using older xowiki without policy3. It's great that the documentation is up to date!
Posted by Victor Guerra on
Actually is using the latest version of xowiki 0.118 but true.. with policy1.
Posted by Dave Bauer on
Oh, Ok. I looked in the parameters and it said the possible values where policy1 and policy2.
Posted by Victor Guerra on
True, it is just that the param description is not up2date.
Posted by Claudio Pasolini on
Hi Richard,

you can easily refer to pages, files and images living in other xowiki instances: see

Posted by Ryan Gallimore on
Does anyone know how to permission categories in Xowiki?
Posted by Richard Hamilton on
Fantastic, thanks guys. :-)