Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: GPL and the use of GPLed Code in Commercial Products


I honestly had no idea that you had GPL'd any of your work.

Sure, I mean, "P/O Core" is basicly a port of the ACS 3.4 Intranet to OpenACS 5.1 & PostgreSQL. So we had to release this under the GPL. Othewise we would have violated the license (and not only the "spirit"...).

particularly the HR type stuff

We have moved the "HR stuff" into a separate package "intranet-hr", which is (obviously) also GPLed.
Also, we have taken on the ArsDigita "burne rate calculation" stuff from Philip and extended it with some serious "management accounting" stuff. It now features a variety of different types of invoices etc. and profit & loss calculation per project and customer. Check the "PO Finance User Guide".

I'd like to see elements of the original intranet package
rolled back

This depends on what you call "roll back". Everything is now based on these "dynamic listbuilder" thing that we use to keep the core extensible (it keeps the field information and pieces of the SQL query in DB-tables, so that extension modules can modify and extend it). Check for developer documentation. "Rolling back" would be very straight forward if you would keep this architecture, but would be very, very heavy if you would try to convert it to the OpenACS listbuilder. All modules together have some 350 .tcl + 160 .adp files, so it could be 35-70 days to do so (asuming 5-10 files/day, man, that's heavy stuff...)

Here is how to get the complete source:
Installing P/O on a standard PostgreSQL system should be a matter of seconds rather then minutes. The latest tagged CVS version is v3-0-0-0-3, but HEAD currently only includes bugfixes, so it's save to use.

The header of the files contain the copyright and the GPL/ non-GPL information (fairly consistently).

some customers are menu junkies

Well, yes, we're trying to sell the system to "stupid windows users", so you'll be (hopefully!) surprised by the level of integration. Menus are just one part of it.