Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to Arsdigita is done !!

Posted by Marc Spitzer on
Well perhaps I was a bit too blunt, I do do that more then is good for me.  But the sad fact of the matter is there is no social contract any more between employer and employee and that getting layed off is a fact of life.  Or to put it another way it is a cost of doing busness in this industry and every person in this industry chose to be here.  The thing that did tick me off in the post I was replying to was the assumption that the people who worked there were owed something extra then what they agreed they would work for.  The way I look at it is I take the money so I do the job, if I make a bad deal then I still do the job for as long as I take the money.  And the stock options were just a bad investment, we all make them.  The last time I was laied off I payed my car insurance off and prepayed 2 months rent to make sure I had some time to find more work, I had about $300 in the bank when done.  Then I got in an argument with personel about my severence check, they gave me too much money, and it took about 5-6 weeks to get that straightened out.  They finally gave me the correct amount.  When I was layed off they did not have to give me anything.  That I was given 2 weeks "notice" helped a lot and it was not something they had to do and I just did not think it was proper for me to steal the other extra 2 weeks they gave me by mistake.

And perhaps I am just thick skined but when I have been layed off I always wanted work not compassion.  Hell one time I asked the guy that layed me off if he knew anybody that was hiring, with in 5 min of him givving me the news.

And Talli why are you atacking me for off topic posting when the message I was responding to was worse then mine.  It included some personal attacks against the person who started the whole ACS bandwagon, aka Philip Greenspun, for being bought out of a business that he thought was going to shit because of bad management, to settle his lawsuit.  Is that ok?