Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to Arsdigita is done !!

Posted by Marc Spitzer on
Rolf, as far as I know it will have no effect on COBRA, the company pays nothing and the insurance/hmo company is mandated by law to continue the coverage, for some specified period of time, as long as the premium gets paid every month.

Talli, I was talking about the preimum not total out of pocket expences.  The policy I was talking about makes sence for reasonably young and reasonably healthy people who are paying for this out of pocket.  I said you may eat some medical bills but on average you should do ok and if you get catastrofic policies for 5 people at say 600/month versus 3-400/person-month or 15-2000/month it may make sence even with the occasional doctor bill thrown in.  The whole idea is that if you or someone in your family gets realy sick then the insurance kicks in, an apendix goes bad for example or a bad fall on your property(no one to sue(sad to say aint it)), and it does not break you things just get tight.  And I have lived in boston, nyc prices with out the saleries to go with it, for me anyway(85-90).
But it is a nice town and I realy used to enjoy walking/biking on the charles river and the 4th of July with the boston pops was also a great show.