Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to Arsdigita is done !!

Posted by Jamie Ross on
First, just because I couldnt resist. H1B workers were brought in because they were cheap and could be worked long hours, not because there were no qualified workers available. This isn't to say that H1B workers are not talented, just that the justifiction given is wrong. The same philosphy is used to ship off software work to India or move factories to Mexico or Malaysia. Cheap labor enhances profits and dollars for those at the top.

Next, more to the topic, it looks like there have been rumours of AOL buying Red Hat or at least entering strategic alliances. Given the strong ACS / AOLServer connection, one might wonder if there is not some thinking to resurrect the TCL version as a drive by AOL to expand their services. This is all just conjecture on my part, but if RH is not interested in the java toolkit, what other "assets" does aD have other than furniture ? Things could get more interesting...