Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to Arsdigita is done !!

Posted by Michael Feldstein on
I agree with Ben's sentiments 100%, but I also would hope that
ex-Ars Digitans would consider joining the community (or not) for
reasons other than good (or bad) feelings.

Open Source development communities exist to meet the needs
of their members. If you think that ACS 4.x Tcl was good, if you
think that at least some of the recent work the OpenACS team is
good and, above all, if you think that OpenACS 4.x will meet the
needs of you and/or your clients better than the existing
alternatives, then I hope you will seriously consider joining the
community. (Let's not forget that the vast majority of the code in
OpenACS 4.x was written by Ars Digita employees.)

Are some of the current community members jerks? Sure. Are
some Ars Digita employees jerks? Sure. However, if you ignore
the excess rhetorical heat that pops up on these boards from
time to time, I think you'll find that the community still largely
functions as a meritocracy. People who contribute good code
generally have more say in the project than people who don't,
regardless of the personalities.

So if you think OpenACS could be useful to you and you are
interested in contributing to the growth of the code base, please
try to ignore snyde remarks, put aside past differences, roll up
your sleeves, and join us.

There's still plenty to be done.