Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to Arsdigita is done !!

Posted by Peter Vessenes on
It seems fairly obvious to me that Red Hat must be interested in more than the toolkit. They could just download the toolkit, and go, if that's what they wanted. It's rare that Redhat buys software companies, if my medium-term business memory is correct.

This makes me think that the client list is interesting to them, and also the ArsDigita brand. Which, if that's true, it's too bad they didn't buy last year. In my experience, the ACS brand has had almost all of it's nascent value squeezed out of it at this point. (For example, most of our clients are now more interested in what we can do for them with the technology that we use, rather than that we provide them "ACS" services.)

Well, it will be interesting. We put the f*cked company rumor printout in our ybos history file, it should be fun to pull out in a couple of years.