Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to Arsdigita is done !!

Posted by Bruno Mattarollo on

Hey, check this out! Post from at /.:

We're still out here. The university itself closed its doors at the end of the academic year last July, and the alumni acted to save everything we could from the ashes. We run the [] site, as others have posted on this thread.

All of our content (80 GB worth) is available online -- about 275 hours of lectures, problem sets, exams, notes, and solutions -- with courses like Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs (the much-loved MIT Scheme intro to CS course), Discrete Math, Algorithms, Theory, AI, Databases, and a couple of courses in Software Engineering (one of which is taught by Greenspun).

But we're a shoestring alumni organization that can't afford the bandwidth to stream the videos very well, unfortunately. So as an alternative we'll ship an 80GB hard drive full of the stuff to anyone who wants one for $220. Everything's available under the Open Content License. E-mail me ( [mailto]) for more details

Who has a spare 220 u$s to get one? I personally don't at this time but maybe for someone in Boston (I presume that they are located over there) this could be cheap!