Forum OpenACS Q&A: Current preferred platform?

Posted by Lachlan Myers on
What is to be the reference platform for OACS given:

  1 demise of aD (aolserver 3.3.1+ad13 becomes the last aD version)?

  2 full release of postgreSQL 7.2?

One step forward, at least!


Posted by Lars Pind on
I'm sure we can pay Curtis Galloway or Rob Mayoff or possibly some other AOLserver hacker to fix issues with AOLserver, if we need them.

And just like the AOLserver Tcl APIs are still ns_*, we might as well keep the +ad* suffix.

Posted by Don Baccus on
Yes, IMO at least we'll keep the ad_* proc prefixes and acs-* packages prefixes.  I would doubt if anyone strongly desires that we change them.

We'll be putting together a convenient tarball of AOLserver which includes ns_xml, Vinod's fix for ns_uuencode, and the relevant aD stuff.  We might be able to base this on AOLserver 3.4.2 rather than 3.3, there's some investigation underway in this regard.

Posted by Drazen Kacar on
I've tried to merge 3.3.1+ad13 with 3.4 recently for one aD project. The problem with vanilla AOLserver before 3.4 was that it didn't handle anything but ASCII properly. aD patches addressed that problem. Then there was something in 3.4 which tried to do something about this, but aD patches looked better. And they were adding Tcl functions, so there was some probability that ACS depended on that.

Anyway, I ended up with merging all 3.4 improvements except the ones which had anything to do with charsets. Somebody else added some things to ns_xml, but I don't know the details. The whole thing has been working fine in production for some time.

I've looked into 3.4.2 changelog a few days ago and the difference between 3.4 was just a few small things which can be merged without problems.

The thing I didn't do and which should be done is merging fixes from more recent Tcl releases (the one in AOLserver is 8.3.2). I've looked in the Tcl ChangeLog and it seemed worthwile to have those fixes, but I didn't have the time.

Posted by Mat Kovach on
Well I'm working at look at just that.  OpenACS has a few patches to things also and I currently have an OpenACS ad13 at

I'm currently testing those same patches on AOLserver 3.4.2 (I've run into a few problems with appear to mainly be moron^H^H^H^H^H mine errors).

Right now with the patches apply fairly easily to both source trees.  I may just have both sources available till the time we can agree on one :)

Remember, this packages will won't be -required- but will attempt to be the base for a nice easy install.

I'd love to hear about any other patches people have.  If you send them to me I'll see if I can get them applied (or make them available from my site).  Adding a simple 'conf-patches' to the build process shouldn't be that hard either.

Posted by Neophytos Demetriou on
Mat, sounds good to me. I'll try to test the i18n support using your patched version of 3.4.2 and provide feedback.