Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to Arsdigita is done !!

Posted by Roberto Mello on
Jamie (and Adam),

Most web sites on the USU Space Dynamics Lab run AOLserver and some version of the ACS. Right now we don't have any full-blown OpenACS installations because when I was hired 2 years ago (precisely to do AOLserver/ACS development), they already had a bunch of Oracle/SPARC licenses and they were happy with it (or they were forced to use it).

But since the events that took place at aD and classic ACS, we are moving everything to OpenACS as soon as we finish a couple projects that we've been working on (and that have kept me extremely busy).

It was funny to remember of when I applied for that job. I saw the post at the student job board here at USU and it said "knowledge of web servers, Tcl and Perl". I thought to myself "Tcl? I wonder if they use AOLserver." They sure did, and since I was probably one of 2 people on campus with AOLserver experience, I got the job 😊

Nice to hearb about your paper for the Small Satellites Conference. They do a lot of space-related stuff up here. USU is (AFAIK) the university with more stuff on space in the world.