Forum .LRN Q&A: Proposal to add auth::require_login to Manage memberships page

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If a non-registered user goes to /dotlrn/manage-memberships it's being redirected to /dotlrn/not-allowed where there is only a text message.

I think it's better to use [auth::require_login] to redirect to the login page, with the return_url to /dotlrn/manage-memberships

Shall I wait for .LRN Leadership Team approval, or any other thing, before committing this change?

I think this makes sense.

Redirecting to not-allowed serves no useful purpose, it doesn't tell the user anyting useful or let them do anything about it.

Yeah, please do it.

Put it on HEAD, please, as this isn't really a bug but an improvement, and we're already in the release process ...