Forum OpenACS Improvement Proposals (TIPs): Re: TIP #81: User Merge account support

Posted by Andrew Grumet on
Approve -- let's make this work.

I took a brief look at the oacs-5-2 code. It's buggy on Oracle, for example there are some calls to acs_object__name (postgres-specific) in merge.xql.

Also, I don't understand this code in merge-final.tcl

set user_res [acs_sc::invoke \
-error \
-contract "auth_authentication" \
-impl_id $impl_id \
-operation MergeUser \
-call_args $parameters]

When I look at the service contract page for auth_authentication under /acs-service/contract, I don't see a MergeUser operation. Perhaps this is old code that should be removed?