Forum OpenACS Improvement Proposals (TIPs): Re: TIP #84 (proposed): Make template type extend revision instead of item in content repository

This requires a core datamodel change (allow NULL as the table name associated with an object type, i.e. subtypes with no type-specific table) ...

We need to do this but your changes need to follow those changes.

Is making table_name nullable the right solution? When I implemented this, I just made table_name non-unique (so I could have more than one object type using cr_revisions as their storage table). Isn't having a null table-name going to break all the code that looks up an object's table_name to create selects and inserts on the "table-name"x and "table-name"i views?

Or, has this already been fixed for PG, and I'm just looking at it from the Oracle side?