Forum .LRN Q&A: New .LRN Case Study: Harvard's E-Government Executive Education (3E) Project

The newest case study outlines the E-Government Executive Education (3E) Project use of .LRN at the John F. Kennedy School of Government with the support from IBM and local OpenACS vendors. The case study describes using .LRN in innovative ways including integrating weblogs into .LRN, administering pre- and post-class surveys, creating a custom resource library, maintaining contact with graduates, and more.

In the case study Dr. Jerry Mechling, the project's founder and lead says, ".LRN provided a huge head start toward what we wanted, plus support for things we didn't originally anticipate. It feels like a big house we're still moving into, and we're discovering all sorts of useful spaces even as we get comfortable in the main living quarters." Janet Caldow from IBM adds, "as a 3E Charter Sponsor, we made a big bet, and .LRN has paid off for realizing the Compass vision. We got what we wanted on time and on budget, it's scaling nicely, and we're proud to have IBM's name on it."

Congratulations to Cesar Brea and Caroline Meeks. This was Cesar's brainchild. Caroline and her company (Solution Grove) led the implementation.