Forum OpenACS Development: XoWiki User/Admin Rights to use Tags and Attributes, Per Page Permissions?

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On our ]project-open[ Wiki ( the admins can use a number of harmless tag attributes such as "valign", "border" etc, while normal users are not allowed to use these tags.

I've been searching for the code that takes the decision, but wasn't successful. Also I didn't find a parameter for this, AllowedTag doesn't seem to do the job (value: "* B I P A LI").


Also, we are thinking about introducing per group and page permission. I know that this isn't precisely the idea of a Wiki, but several people would need such a feature that would convert the Wiki more into a Content Management System.

Our use case is "]po[ marketing information" which should be visible only to ]po[ "partners". Otherwise we'd have to setup a 2nd Wiki, which is possible, but a hassle, because we would have to maintain a lot of links between the Wikis and duplicate material.

We've been thinking about a permission maintenance page in "]po[ style" (a list page with all object, with one additional column per ]po[ "profile"). A "profile" is a subset of groups, with typical values including "Employee", "Partner", "Customer" etc. There are usually 8-20 "profiles", so adding 8-20 columns behind a Wiki object still makes a reasonable page. Profiles have their own icon, which is placed in the header of the table.

Maybe that's a good opportunity to install and check ]project-open[ (A new Windows installer is available now from Maurizio: -> Installers, available as of tonight)... In ]po[ just go to Admin -> Portlet Components or Admin -> Menus to get an idea.


Regarding the code that allows admins to introduce any tag ( not sure if as well any attribute ) was removed recently Frank.. check the revert commit:

Concerning per-page rights administration: check out the xowiki-faq ( When the xowiki policy3 is used, page-specific rights can be provided for groups as well.