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Posted by Emmanuelle Raffenne on
The Innova group at Uned has just start with dotLRN. Our intention is to upgrade our ACES installation. Our first step was to set up a configuration from which to start. We got acs-core, dotlrn-all and dotlrn-extras modules from the CVS, most of the packages from the oacs-5-1 branch, except for those having bugfix in the oacs-5-2 branch. Our database is Oracle 8.1.7.

We found some minor problems, some of them we fixed:

  • Evaluation (oacs-5-2): there is no sql for oracle datamodel creation but it seems that all the *-oracle.xql needed are present. Is this work being done at this moment? If not, we can code those missing sql.
  • Installing software: from the acs-admin, when we try to install the dotlrn-evaluation package, as there is dependencies with evaluation-portlet and evaluation packages, those packages are installed too but regardless they have support or not for the database (in our case Oracle).
  • photo-album-portlet (oacs-5.1 & 5.2): this package has no datamodel creation but there's an upgrade script in sql/postgres/upgrade so when we tried to install it from the acs-admin, this package is not proposed. I guess that the package manager assume there's no support for Oracle. Creating the sql/oracle directory fix this.
  • file-storage (oacs-5-1 & 5.2): in th www/file-add common xql file, some select query are ended with a ";" and Oracle complains on it. I submit a patch to fix it (patch #691). Should I create a bug and map it with the patch?
  • lars-blogger (oacs-5-2): there was an error in lib/last-n-comments because of a malformed -oracle.xql file. I submit a patch to fix this too (patch #692)
Our next step will be to explore in details functionalities of all the packages we need. For the moment, there are some features of ACES we miss in dotlrn:
  • new stuff: last posts in forums, last uploaded documents and last events created in calendar. I remember that I've read a post about this issue but I can't find it.
  • user homepage: our users use it a lot so we will implement it for dotlrn
  • contextual help: users could get help, if exists, for the page currently displayed. Could it be easily implement in openacs?

Posted by Emmanuelle Raffenne on
I just update evaluation package from CVS and I can see that the datamodel creation scripts for Oracle are available in the oacs-5-2 branch. Sorry for the confusion.