Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to Happy Birthday to DonB!

Posted by Roberto Mello on
I said I (and him) _celebrated_ it on separate days. That doesn't mean that we were born on different days, at least I  didn't mean that, although re-reading the sentence and looking very hard I can squeeze that implication out of it.

Even if I had been born of Feb 28th, and him on March 1st (this could have been possible, since we were born 15 minutes apart, but on the same day), cronologically speaking it wouldn't matter (as it doesn't).

The leap year extra day is a consequence of the 365 days and 6 hours translation period of the earth, so every 4 years an extra day. Cronologically though, it's still the same for him and me (for the sake of ageing), another reason why your statement that I would have 4 birthdays for each of my brother's sounded so weird.

Anyways, sorry for the off-topic everybody :)